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Untitled (Reduced Blossoms?)

Lilies, Roses & Daffodils
As my current project is coming to an end, I'm forever rethinking and collecting my thoughts of the work so far. I'm finding that talking about my work in confirming and defining my work, more and more. 

I'm now looking at how flowerless stems are unwanted, likewise with reduced flowers. Reduced flowers are the 'puppies at the rescue center' to me. Living a temporary life. I cannot rescue every dog, cat or animal. But I can own a ridiculous amount of plants to fill my house with. Reduced plants and the unwanted ones, grown with the intention of being a domestic object in someone's house for 7-10 days and then going into the bin or compost. Consumers turn their nose up at reduced flowers, sometimes the petals are damaged, some leaves are bent, a few flower buds may have fallen off. If you were to buy a posy of flowers without any petals or flower buds remaining, you wouldn't. They aren't conventionally pretty. 

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